WWU Campus Map

Voice Interaction

Button Action
Zoom In Zooms in the map
Zoom Out Zooms out the map
Home Zooms to the default extent
Layer Selector Opens the layer selector to control layer visibility
Legend Opens the legend
Toggle Basemap Toggles between the topographic and the satellite basemaps
Search Opens the search bar
Find My Location Zooms to your current location
Points of Interest Opens the points of interest bookmarks
Buildings Opens the buildings bookmarks
Parking Opens the parking bookmarks

URL Parameters

URL Parameters can be used with the WWU Campus Map to control the location of the map when it opens as well as the layers that are visible.

For zooming to a specific building, parking lot, or key feature, the URL parameter is #find=.

For example:

This will zoom the map to the AH building (Arntzen Hall). Other examples include:

For turning specific data layers on, the URL parameter is #layers=.

Multiple layers can be turned on at once by using a / between parameters:

The location and layer parameters can be used in conjunction with the &:

URL Layers

Below is the list of map layers that are available:


For Map Usage Notes (and printable maps) see: https://wwu.edu/campus-maps

General Tips:

The WWU Campus Map is produced and maintained by the Spatial Institute
at the College of the Environment, Western Washington University

Questions or feedback about the map - contact Stefan Freelan

Map built on ESRI's ArcGIS SDK framework